::UGH:: My Etude House Jelly Lipstick Broke!


::THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS:: My Etude House Jelly Lipstick Breaks!My freaking lipstick broke AGAIN. Second time.. Same lipstick line. This is the Etude House Dear My Jelly Lips-Talk, released around 2013? They don’t sell this Sweet Recipe line in store anymore but it’s still available at retailers like Yesstyle.::THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS:: My Etude House Jelly Lipstick Breaks!

How did I break this? I didn’t drop it or severly put pressure on it, I legit just brushed the top with a tissue to clean the lipstick a little and BREAK. Bottom half broke and started to slide… This wasn’t the first time either. Same thing happened with the same lipstick but different color. These lipsticks are really pretty, smooth and light-BUT their formula is too malleable. It gets damaged and warped way too easily.. I guess that’s the “jelly” part of it.. 🙁 Sadness..

I guess now I’m just going to pot it in a container and use a brush!

Oh well…Has this ever happened to you guys? Lemme know in the comments below!!




  1. That really sucks!! At least you can pot it though and still use it…maybe not the way you intended, but…

  2. what??? ? how old is that lipstick? maybe you should throw it away?? is it expired?

    1. It’s not that old, the lipstick was meant to be that soft, its jelly

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