::NEW:: Avengers Endgame Makeup by Ulta!


Okay guys HOW COOL IS THIS?! I stopped dead in my tracks waltzing through Ulta lol.

So it looks like Ulta Beauty made a whole line of products for Endgame!! Liquid lipsticks, lipglosses, eyeshadow and highlight palettes and a makeup bag!! So the palettes definitely are almost sold out, but the lipsticks aren’t selling as fast..

I got to swatch all of the liquid lipsticks and lipglosses and took pictures!

The lipstick itself had good texture, a bit sticky for my taste but decent overall. The brush applicator was standard and nicely done~

I did the swatches in order of the matte liquid lipsticks and lip glosses from left to right. So the most left swatch coincides with the most left lipstick on the display case. All 7 shades!!

::NEW:: Avengers Endgame Makeup by Ulta! hunnyy review swatches

I will say longevity was great. I say that because these lipsticks were a MOTHER to get off my hand..

::NEW:: Avengers Endgame Makeup by Ulta! hunnyy review swatches

I think I like the third to the right shade the best, like a rosy champagne color 🙂

So this picture below is my hand after 5 minutes of using water and alcohol wipes to clean…

PhotoGrid_1557084500188.jpgIt’s mainly the most left red lipstick that was so pigmented! I went home, took a shower and the red marks were still visible. A very long lasting lipstick indeed!

I also took pictures of the palettes!!

The color selection is very Guardians of the Galaxy/space themed. Cosmic glitter and very pretty! The names of the colors are also Avengers themed and inspiring <3

::NEW:: Avengers Endgame Makeup by Ulta! hunnyy review swatchesPhotoGrid_1557084626304.jpgPhotoGrid_1557084774626.jpg

What do you guys think?

The lip products are all $10 each, the highlight palette is $16 and the eyeshadow palette is $20. I think the bag was a free thing if you bought the collection but don’t quote me on that. I think the palettes are a steal, pricewise but the lip products are a bit overpriced. If you guys are Avengers fans I suggest you go get this now because they’ve already been taken off Ulta’s website!!! Limited edition much?

I hope you guys liked today’s post and I am Iron man!!!

xoxo, hunnyy

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  1. I saw this collection of Instagram. Those lippies are gorgeous!! What I went for was the Urban Decay Game of Thrones palette instead. I love the Avengers and all the movies, but GOT is by far the best!!

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