::THOUGHTS:: Is It Time To Call My Blog Quits?

Forreal though, I feel like my blog/youtube is getting to be too much. I’m getting lost just trying to keep up with my regular scheduled posts.. I haven’t posted a youtube video in months.. I even have some edited and ready to post but I just can’t push myself to create the thumbnail, the intro, the blog post to accompany it.. I don’t know if I have the passion for youtube.. I feel like my blog is getting blurred in the fastpace of content creators. I think I need to make some changes.

I might simplify my blog into simply reviews and hunnyyindex. Honestly I think about quitting my blog altogether sometimes.. it’s so much to keep up with in addition to my full time job, buying a house and planning a wedding. 2019 has been a HECTIC year so far. My blog is falling through the cracks. Because it’s never just the blog. It’s the instagram posts that accompany it, the twitter page I have to upkeep, the pinterest page I have to keep active. I have a hundred really fun beauty ideas to do for this blog but they all require hours of work and writing and filming… my weekends are filled with seeing houses with my realtor and wedding venues with my fiance, I’m barely home. When I am home I just want to rest. I wish I could do my blog full time.. I really struggle..

So quitting definitely crosses my mind each week… The reason I hesitate is I love beauty. I love cosmetics and trying all different kinds. I started this blog to keep track of all my products and share my thoughts with the world.. Even if I quit the blog, I’d still be such a beauty obsessed girl lol.

This post itself was a bit scattered.. my apologies. What I’m trying to say is that I will stay active and I will try harder to bring better content to my site. I might stick to simpler review posts though, I couldn’t care less what other content people come up with. This blog is for my hunnyys. My main goal has and will always be to try every beauty product in the world and share my thoughts with you guys <3

Thanks for reading <3

xoxo, hunnyy



  1. Hi dear please don’t quit, you can use one day and schedule all your posts for at least one month.
    Congrats on your upcoming wedding😊

  2. Maybe try cutting down the amount of blog posts per month to see if that’s helpful? I don’t like to see people quit. I like your blog

  3. I would absolutely hate it if you quit blogging all together but I can totally understand where you are coming from. I sometimes had the same feeling and I have a lot more free time than you do but I have noticed that taking off some time really helps. Either way congratulations on your wedding and I wish you all the best <3

    1. oh, thats a good idea, maybe i should take some time off. thank you so much dear<3

      1. No problem at all! I wish you all the best love

  4. Oh my goodness I totally feel you on that level! Its hard to work full time and on top of that work on my site, orders, keeping up with ig posts, creating small clips, descriptions for product, intros, keeping up with this lil blog I have, Content, etc! The list literally goes on! I get lost and spaz out for a sec and so I take a breather pet my cats and tell myself you got this Girl your a Bad ASS! So I am telling you YOU got this Girl your a Bad ASS! Love your Posts! Also congrats on the upcoming wedding!

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