::YOUTUBE:: I’m Back! My Nail Stone Haul!!

Happy Saturday/almost Sunday! I know its been so long since my last video, lots of happened! I am really anxious about uploading new videos but hopeful! I spent a lot of time at a local nail shop that was near my airbnb and it was my dream nail store <3 Everything that I couldn’t get my hands online or in America, I bought here!! I hope you guys enjoy the video!

The closest address of the store I found is인천광역시 부평구 부평1동  천사네일. The website has the phone numbers of all the locations but no addresses for some reason.. but in any case, just search Bupyong station underground shopping mall. Its pretty much a train station that leads to underground shopping. Take the escalator up to the mall and its in the same floor as the food court!

I also found their instagram for those interested-https://www.instagram.com/1004nail/

Lemme know in the comments below which stone deco you liked best!!

::YOUTUBE:: I'm Back! My Nail Stone Haul!!::YOUTUBE:: I'm Back! My Nail Stone Haul!! hunny 3d nail art diamonds::YOUTUBE:: I'm Back! My Nail Stone Haul!! hunny 3d nail art diamondsPhotoGrid_1544918106914.jpgPhotoGrid_1544918023915.jpgPhotoGrid_1544918148896.jpgPhotoGrid_1544918130288.jpg20190513_182124.jpg

xoxo, hunnyy

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  1. I go to Bupyeong at least once a week, but never check out the stores that sell things for nail art. Maybe I will take a look next week! 🙂

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