::REVIEW:: The Saem Green Grape Mask Sheet!

::REVIEW:: The Saem Green Grape Mask Sheet!Hi bunnies! Today’s review is The Saem’s Green Grape Mask Sheet! This was part of The Saem’s Natural Tox line that has a tomato, kohlrabi and apple version!

This packaging is adorable right? Green basket <3 Definitely unique! So I will list the specs below and get right into the review!

Meant to brighten your skin

About $3.50 for one mask.

“Contains 10,000ppm of apple extract rich in lycopene, polyphenol, vitamin C and B for smooth skin texture and healthy glowing complexion.”

::REVIEW:: The Saem Green Grape Mask Sheet! Natural Tox. Hunnyy

What I thought: This mask smells SOOOO good!! It smells like that korean grape candy you get at the asian mart? It’s artificial but so good… <3

The texture of mask is like paper towels with ridges on them. Still soft feeling though~ I will say that size-wise it is a small mask but it fits fine for me.

One thing I judge face masks on is whether or not the inside contained leftover essence to put on my neck/hands/rest of body. This one sadly had almost no essence inside.

Contrary to the packaging, the actual mask held moisture so well. It took a long time for the mask to feel dry enough to take off. That’s pretty impressive. After I took the mask off it didn’t sting and afterwards my face felt great!

This line doesn’t sell on The Saem’s US Site anymore, if you search the link, it’ll give you a 404 error 🙁 But still available on Amazon and other online retailers!!

I liked this mask a lot but the fact that it doesn’t have a lot of excess liquid on the inside and that it is THREE DOLLARS for a simple sheet mask, I wouldn’t repurchase. If it was on sale or sold in bulk, then I would happily buy it!!

What did you guys think?

Lemme know in the comments below!!

xoxo, hunnyy

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