::FRIYAY:: Strolling Around Ulta!

::FRIYAY:: Strolling Around Ulta!Hi bunnies! Happy Friday!

I walked around Ulta and just took some cute pictures of fun packaging/setups!

Look at this Sun Bum Monkey!!

I think they did a great job with this setup. My goal would to be a product designer for stuff like this, I think it’s soo much fun!

Anywayss, enjoy the pictures beloww! More beauty reviews are on its way!!


PhotoGrid_1557112850688.jpgPhotoGrid_1557112813195.jpgPhotoGrid_1557085111606-1.jpgPhotoGrid_1557112876015.jpg::FRIYAY:: Strolling Around Ulta! hunnyy::FRIYAY:: Strolling Around Ulta! hunnyy

::FRIYAY:: Strolling Around Ulta! hunnyy
beautiful coloring~ like crayola
::FRIYAY:: Strolling Around Ulta! hunnyy
this is not as cute as the cake one

::FRIYAY:: Strolling Around Ulta! hunnyyPhotoGrid_1557112919218.jpgPhotoGrid_1557112795093.jpg

Wall of beauty blenderssss!!
::FRIYAY:: Strolling Around Ulta!
This looks so YUMMYYY agh!


xoxo, hunnyy

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    1. Yes!! So cool! I almost wanted to buy the monkey, not the chapstick lol

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