::EcoHunnyy:: I Bought Glass Straws!!

I LOVE the zero waste idea! I know it’s really difficult and nearly impossible, but I would like to get as close to it as I can one day. I’m not gonna have a jar or waste or anything crazy but I will buy reusable as much as possible and recycle as much as possible. My first choice? Glass straws!

Okay, I admit I was really stupid in that I didn’t know that plastic straws WEREN’T recyclable!!! I had no idea my entire life… One day I was watching green YouTube videos and found out… my jaw dropped.. I felt so wasteful… How many plastic straws have I used my whole life?? A thousand?? Probably more.. So I made a very solid effort to stop this in its tracks.

I researched a lot and bought the Hummingbird Glass Straws on Amazon. I did look into metal straws and bamboo straws. Honestly I had metal cups so I knew I’d hate metal straws.. and glass seemed great since it’s clean and transparent. PhotoGrid_1553047561079.jpg

I can clean it too because it comes with a skinny little cleaner! So four glass straws total. Price wasn’t bad- i think under $20.

PhotoGrid_1547951172746.jpgI’ve had these straws for a few months now and they are great!

Oh, if you’re worried about the glass breaking, they’re made of a strong glass so it won’t break easily. I carry it in a makeshift baggie everyday and it hasn’t so much as cracked. Love it!

If I did have one negative about this product, it’s that it didn’t come with a carrying case. I had to make one out of spare fabric.. meh. lol

What do you guys think? Lemme know in the comments below! I have more eco-related posts coming!!




xoxo, hunnyy

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