::REVIEW:: Olive Young Global Online Store. Facts, tutorials, shipping!

Hi bunnies! So earlier I posted that Olive Young, a huge Korean cosmetics store has opened their official global shop!! I spent some time combing through their site and these are my findings!!

Lots of Korean brands to choose from in a wide array of categories from cleansers to makeup to general health items.

Now the most important part I wanted to find- SHIPPING
Seems like they have two basic options-

“K-Packet” Shipping – $10 and ships between 7-14 days

International Express Shipping $15 and ships between 3-7 days

But if you read the fine print-


Shipping is worldwide except for EU countries – No reason as to why.

Here are the rest of my findings on Olive Young’s first global store!

So far it looks like my dreams have come true!!! So many products that are not sold in American stores!! Especially a lot of the bath products like body washes and hair shampoos!! AGHGHGHG I’m malfunctioning I’m so happy!!! <3

Features on Olive Young’s site:

  • Coupons
  • Rewards points (also earned by leaving reviews!)
  • Track Order options
  • Gift Sets
  • You can save your payment information with your account
  • You have a “My Account” page that is a nice summary of your orders, history, cart, rewards, addresses, etc. Very nicely formatted!
  • FREE SAMPLES! They call them “free gifts” but its the same concept as the free samples they give to you in Korea. They offered a choice between 4 products, all seem great!

Things to note:

  • Their FAQ pages are currently empty. Since they just opened their store today, this is normal~ Their Personal Inquiry page is also not up and running as of yet.
  • Return policy is as follows – requests must be made within 15 days of the getting the item and must be received by olive young in 3 days. I don’t know how that’s possible. They won’t pay for shipping the returned item unless the item is defective or shipped incorrectly. DON’T remove tags, don’t wash or alter the item if you plan on returning it.
    Seems to be a pretty strict return policy but it’s okay to me because they’re just starting this huge venture globally, aint nobody got time for returns and such lol.
  • Be careful when purchasing because I did a quick comparison for prices – Dr Jart sells one dollar cheaper on Sephora than on Olive Young for the same Ceramidin Cream product!
  • They do sell mens products as well as female hygiene products (mostly pads)

::YOUTUBE:: I'm Back! My Nail Stone Haul!! hunny 3d nail art diamondsAll in all I think the site is great! This is FANTASTIC news for the global Kbeauty community!!! Yayy!10% off right now for the grand opening!!! Lemme know what you guys think of the site!!

*Right now it seems like a lot of their skincare items are on sale!

I will purchase some items from here today and see how well the process goes!! ( I know, my self-ban on cosmetics is kinda shot with this event right here..lol oh well)

xoxo, hunnyy

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  1. Hello! The shipping was fast?

    1. hi, i havent ordered anything from there yet but their website says “K-Packet” Shipping – $10 and ships between 7-14 days
      International Express Shipping $15 and ships between 3-7 days”

  2. very nice review i was looking for information for this

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