::AWFUL:: 7 Days Mask Bamboo Water Review!

::Review:: 7 Days Mask Babmboo Water!Hi bunnies! Mask review time!! This time I have the Ariul 7 Days Mask in Bamboo Water! I got this mask at my local CVS (I love that CVS has a kbeauty selection now) but I really thought the brand name was 7 Days, not Ariul. Just realized it now as I’m gathering information for the review lol..

This mask sells at CVS for $2.49 and has a tea tree, avocado, pomegranate, lemon, aloe and green tea version!

This is the claim for the 7 Days Mask- “Seven days mask is a quick, effective treatment for various types of skin troubles from acne breakouts, redness, rough or dry skin. It comforts damaged skin from lack of sleep, overwork, UV or other known skin irritants. Its hypoallergenic ingredients along with oil-free minerals and natural elements make it safe for even the most sensitive skin.”

LET ME TELL YOU HOW WRONG THIS CLAIM IS. Let’s start the review, shall we?

::Review:: 7 Days Mask Bamboo Water!

First off, as soon as I open the pack, there is NO essence inside packaging. And y’all know I judge face masks on how much essence the leave inside. I think it’s a bonus if there is extra essence to put on my hands, neck etc~

The mask itself has no particular scent which is nice. Other than that it is a run-of-the-mill cotton sheet mask. Nothing special.

::Review:: 7 Days Mask Babmboo Water! hunnyySo I put on the mask aaaand it kinda stings after 3 minutes. At first I ignore it because maybe I’m just being paranoid. I don’t like to take off a face mask under the first 10 minutes. But as more time goes by I do feel a cooling sensation..but not in a good way..  It’s not a pleasant feeling so I finally took it off after 12 minutes. Usually sheet masks are on for 20 minutes but I tapped out. The strange thing is is that it felt fine on my hands and neck area, I guess my face is just more sensitive.

For a freaking almost $3 dollar sheet mask, this was some crap. Nuff said. I don’t recommend at all.

If you guys tried this and had a good experience definitely let me know! I wanna know if it was just me. 🙂

xoxo, hunnyy

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