::Review:: A’Pieu Strawberry Milk One-Pack Face Mask

::Review:: A'Pieu Strawberry Milk One-Pack Face MaskHi bunnies! Do you like strawberry milk? I love itttt so when I saw these masks (at walmart?) I BOUGHT THEMMM. I have this one and I think the banana milk mask.


I hope you guys are doing so well today!! I will be reviewing the A’pieu Strawberry Milk One-Pack face mask. A’pieu is a popular road shop brand in Korea. Definitely not one of my favorite brands but I’ve never had a strikingly horrid product from them either.

So the specs on this mask is as follows:

$2.50 for one mask (per Missha’s website)

Infused with milky essence, this mask is designed with unique air pockets to hold moisture and deliver the treatment evenly across your skin.” This mask includes both strawberry and pearl extract.

::Review:: A'Pieu Strawberry Milk One-Pack Face MaskMy experience:

So I take out the mask from the packaging and I’m already impressed but a bit frustrated. The bad part is opening the packaging is a pain..When you rip open a face mask, it’s usually easy and rips in a straight-ish line. This packaging did not do that. It had layers or plastic that wouldn’t rip smoothly so I had to force it open and it ripped at a huge slant and it was just a pain..

Moving onto the good part -This mask is definitely the softest cotton sheet mask I’ve ever tried! Maybe it’s the milky feel that makes it super smooth~The strawberry scents make it smell sooooo delicious. Doesn’t smell like strawberry milk though, it actually smells like strawberry yogurt! The essence is white and has a very milky texture.

BeautyPlus_20180317235532_save.jpgSo after about 5 minutes of putting the mask on I felt no stingy/itchy feelings whatsoever. Thankfully this feeling lasted throughout the whole session. Had no problems with the sheet mask, felt fine and dandy! After 30 minutes it still felt really milky and didn’t dry out completely like most sheet masks do. When I took the mask off my skin felt soft and smooth! I liked it!

Overall I think this is really good for a day to day sheet mask. Smells fantastic, feels fantastic. I would just suggest using scissors to open this mask hehe 🙂

If you guys have any comments lemme know! I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your dayyyy!!!! Peace~!!

xoxo, hunnyy

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  1. awfully cute mask!

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