::REVIEW:: Foodaholic 3D Green Tea Natural Essence Mask

::REVIEW:: Foodaholic Green Tea Natural Essence MaskHi bunnies! Today I have another face mask reviewww! This is the Foodaholic Green Tea Natural Essence mask! Not a very well known Korean brand but this seemed like a decent mask~

Here are the specs:

23g, one mask. Includes green tea extract to combat fatigued skin. About $1 online. I honestly can’t remember where I got this mask. Pretty sure it was a free mask whilst shopping around in Korea.

:REVIEW:: Foodaholic 3D Green Tea Natural Essence MaskMy experience:

Bleh. First things first -Do you see the bottom is in a freaking v shape? I’ve never had this before and it is sooo weird. This sheet mask is hard to put on and hard to adjust. Drew actually didn’t notice so I guess to some people it’s no big deal but I was pretty uncomfortable.

As for the smells, there was no noticeable scent. The sheet mask had a rough texture..ugh. Thankfully at least the mask doesn’t sting. Another downside? Almost no essence inside the package. Disappointing….!!


PhotoGrid_1521683941191.jpgGoing back to this v-shaped chin thing…it’s this weird empty space, even if you push it in to adhere to your face it sticks out..I tried adjusting it the whole time I had it on. It’s like the glued two separate pieces together and it met right at the middle, creating that gap.I tried moving it and a dime sized-portion ripped off!… The sheet was assembled just so poorly.. It’s covering my mouth and I hate it. I ended up taking it off after about 15 minutes. I would say this mask was made with cheap ass sheet quality. Rips so easily.. Don’t recommend this mask at all.PhotoGrid_1556037507659.jpg

What did you guys think?

Lemme know in the comments below!!

xoxo, hunnyy


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  1. I can see how that pointed V gap would be wicked uncomfortable as well as annoying as all hell!!

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