::Review:: Ultru – I’m Sorry For My Skin Jelly Mask

Ice cream face masks!? It’s actually just the packaging. Almost nothing of the mask really resembles or smells like ice cream.. so I’m confused lol.

Hello hunnyybees! Today I have the Ultru I’m Sorry For My Skin Jelly Mask Pore Care Face mask!. I got this at my local Marshalls I think awhile back! The coffee mask on the right I haven’t tried yet, today we are reviewing the ice cream mask!::Review:: Ultru - I'm Sorry For My Skin Jelly Mask


  • One (1) single use sheet mask for $4.
  • 33 ml
  • Mask capabilities- Brightening, pore care, relaxing and revitalizing.
  • The mask sheet is made out of Cupra Sheet which has strong adherence stickiness and moisture retaining abilities.

My experience:

Right off the bat I have a critique- I had no idea what the name of this brand was. It doesn’t stand out in the packaging at all. After looking online seems like the name of the brand is Ultru? I thought it was “sorry for my skin”.. BAD Marketing Ultru.. you needs to work on that.

::Review:: Ultru - I'm Sorry For My Skin Jelly Mask hunnyy

So when I open the packaging I’m really surprised at how much essence there is on this mask! It’s not very liquid-y, the essence is more of a jelly consistency!! The sheet and essence is BROWN. That’s new. Most are either a clear liquid or white colors. There seems to be lots of jelly on one side rather than both sides. Accordingly, I put the jelly soaked side directly onto my face.

After a few minutes I did feel a slight sting. Maybe not “sting” but tingly rather. It didn’t hurt enough to get upset about.. This mask also does not smell, good or bad.


This mask is also a pretty good size. Mouth and eye holes were good and fit my whole face~ I left the mask of the recommended amount and took off.

The cupra sheet was interesting, maybe that’s what made so much essence stick to it. My skin felt fine afterwards, nothing too special.

I felt good overall. There was some tingling but not bad enough that I’d discredit the entire product for it.

I would say that the price is horrid and the marketing on the product is more horrid. Other than that, good mask! lol

What do you guys think?

Lemme know in the comments below!!

xoxo, hunnyy


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  1. I’ve tried the brightening one and I agree that the price is a bit of a no lol. I’m really cheap when it comes to anything I can only use once. The brightening one didn’t burn my face. It was really soothing actually. There was so much essence left over I could put it in a bottle and save it!

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