::BTS:: BT21 Sticker Nails!

::BTS:: BT21 White Nail Look!Happy Wednesday Hunnyys!!

I have BT21 nailss!! Sooo cute right? Like a fun playground on my nails!

I got these stickers in Korea at Olive Young! The official name is the BT21 Nail Sticker Press Me Edition Ver.1. I have two versions of these stickers so stay tuned for more designs!

As for price, online it is selling anywhere from $8 to $15. Crazy expensive I know, I believe it’s cheaper if you purchase in person at Olive Young.


So I felt that these stickers would work best on a plain white canvas so I opted for white nail polish! The stickers itself were sooo colorful so I thought it’d be best this way~

::BTS:: BT21 White Nail Look!One thing I did notice about this sticker set is that it doesn’t include all 8 characters! Mangy, Tata and Chimmy are missing :(

Another thing I noticed is that the quality of the stickers are very nice when applying. I’ve tried other nail stickers that rip when you’re peeling them off the paper (absolutely shitty, I know).

So the picture on the left shows both versions of BT21 nail stickers. For today’s look I used the white set on the left.

::BTS:: BT21 White Nail Look!Please note that the blue version on the right is a winter version and might not be available right now.

The little accents of hearts, stars and leaves are totally cute but SO TINY. lol So I decorated all five of my nails and left out a finishing top coat to seal in the stickers. I wanted to test how good the stickers were on their own.

After the first day, meh. Some edges ripped. See photo below! I took the picture at night so the lighting is super yellow, sowwy~


::BTS:: BT21 White Nail Look!

After the second day, about 40% of the stickers were ripped or came off entirely. The little stars and hearts came off really easily because they’re so small. On day four it looked so bad that I removed the whole look with acetone.

Overall they’re good stickers in my opinion. Yes, they come off incredibly easily but I think this can be solved with finishing top coat. They’re good enough that you can get some cute looks and compliments in before it deteriorates. 🙂

More looks on the way!

What did you guys think? Lemme know in the comments below!!


xoxo, hunnyy

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