::My Experiences:: You Might Not Be Able To Take Pictures In Kbeauty Stores.

::My Experiences:: You Might Not Be Able To Take Pictures In Kbeauty Stores.I’m serious though. Some stores tried to stop me from filming in their stores and were mean to me.

Why THOUGH. I don’t understand this. Publicity is good. I am taking pictures and posting them – free marketing. The stores are set up so pretty like they WANT you to take pictures~! Even if some people take some bad pictures of the store, like a messy storefront, that’s the employees’ fault. And most stores take really good care of the appearances. Without further ado this is my list of stores good and bad!

Stores that I personally have had bad experiences with-

  • BANILLA CO. – THEY WILL NOT ALLOW IT AT ALL. I’ve tried to take pictures in at least two Banilla Co branches and each time the employees tell me to stop. The employee in Myeongdong location was really nasty to me about it.. UGH.
  • Those random makeup shops that sell all different brands and are run by non-Koreans. You know, those store that sell sheet masks by the 50-packs and lure you into stores with a free sheet mask. They would not let me take pictures..
  • The Saem – I’ve never had someone actually stop me but the employees are so up your ass the entire time you’re there that it’s pretty difficult to get good shots in.
  • Tony Moly – See explanation above. Same thing – the employees follow you around like a criminal. I don’t know if it’s because they think you’re going to steal or if they want to persuade you to buy something. Either way I really hated it.

Stores that are bougie and might not allow filming –

  • IOPE
  • Klavuu
  • Arituam
  • Moonshot
  • VProve – I had to buy a skincare item before I even felt comfortable enough asking to take pictures. Even then I only took a quick couple pictures then left the store.

*(I’ve never had a problem but I film discreetly and have not been caught yet. Also, these stores are usually not filled with customers so it’s easier for employees to see you filming and tell you to stop)

Stores that don’t care/I’ve never had a problem with-

  • Stylenanda/3CE
  • Etude House
  • Innisfree
  • Skinfood
  • Holika Holika
  • Nature Republic
  • Olive Young
  • The Face Shop


American stores that won’t let you take pictures –

  • SEPHORA. The Manhattan Times Squares location in particular will not let you take pictures. The employees were mean about it too.. like really annoyed me.

So that was my advice~! All my years of shopping~~ hehe. Have you guys had similar experiences? Lemme know in the comments below!

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xoxo, hunnyy

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