::RABBITS!:: Update on my babies!!

Hi guys! I haven’t given you guys an update on my babies in a long time!! My little Mocha and Luna have been thriving lately~ However they are a little bored in their room so they’ve been causing trouble! Clawing at the walls and moving their furniture around~ So I discovered cat cardboard scratchers!! I’ve been looking for these but I’d only been searching “rabbit cardboard”, didn’t know they made these for cats too! And the scratchers have been working like a charmmm! Totally takes up a lot of my bunnies’ attention!

Without further ado here are some pictures of my babies <3

::RABBITS!:: Update on my babies!!:RABBITS!:: Update on my babies!! HUNNYY:RABBITS!:: Update on my babies!! HUNNYYPhotoGrid_1560045513523.jpgPhotoGrid_1560045701946.jpg:RABBITS!:: Update on my babies!! HUNNYYPhotoGrid_1560045748294.jpg

I’m such a proud mama~ I hope you guys enjoyed today’s post!!

xoxo, hunnyy

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