What is Klavuu and WHY IS THIS BRAND SO EXPENSIVE?!What is Klavuu? EXPENSIVE. That’s what it is. A really expensive Kbeauty brand. It’s definitely a higher end road shop. I have seen this brand more and more in the last two years. Let’s dig in and see what it’s all about!

So starting with their name, apparently it’s of Swedish origins meaning “clear view”. Their brand started in 2016 and have since popped up to be an innovative Kbeauty brand. Their focus is to create cosmetics using marine pearls. Think of it as a Korean Mikimoto brand.

I visited their Myeongdong store and was shocked at how expensive these products were since I’d haven’t heard of it myself. But seems like they are heading to be a big fish in the Kbeauty market. Their products have very simple, translucent packaging. Elegant, airy feeling similar to Ohui Cosmetics.

They do have a website that is partially in English. Although their “story” pages are not in English. I roamed their site and this is what I read-

Their story puts an emphasis on saving the oceans and the environment. Seems like their story starts with pearls found in Korean waters. Their products are made with these pearls due to their strength, shine and ability to improve the quality of our skin (moisturizing and whitening).

This is what SokoGlam has said about Klavuu – “Klavuu is Korea’s first marine pearl cosmetic brand that infuses natural pearl, essential oils, and marine plant extracts into their signature formulas. Natural pearls will enrich, hydrate, and firm the skin, for the most radiant luminous complexion.

So basically what I said, but fancier and more official. LOL. But I do see why it is expensive. They use Korean sea-women to fish for these pearls, that is so laborious and difficult.

They have several flagship stores and also global stores in Asia, Europe and America. I will note that it seems that they just sell their products in these stores. Besides Turkey, there are no Klavuu exclusive stores. 

You can purchase their products from a myriad of online stores including Gmarket or directly from their official site.

When I went to their store, one toner went for about $40 and I didn’t feel like dropping that much cash for ONE product, especially from a brand I didn’t know. So I opted to buy their travel skincare set which has about 7 mini products! I will be trying these products and reviewing them extensively to see if they live up to their price!


Have you guys heard of Klavuu? Lemme know in the comments below and stay tuned for the reviewsss!!

xoxo, hunnyy

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  1. I’ve never heard of klavuu, but I’d like to hear more. $40 for a toner is a little gag-worthy but if they work, they work!

  2. they’re expensive because skincare products and cosmetics have great margins! don’t be fooled by that non-sense marketing.

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