::REVIEW:: No:hj Super Food Blueberry Mask!


Hi bunnies! Today I have another face mask I’d like to turn back time and un-purchase! This is the No:hj Super Food Blueberry Mask. This sells for about $2 on average across the board. I got it at Bed Bath & Beyond for $1.48. However I have seen this for almost $4 on Yesstyle.

I have never heard of this brand No:hj!

First of all, how the eff do you pronounce this?? “No-h-j”? “noh”?

::REVIEW:: No:hj Super Food Blueberry Mask!Second, $4 FOR ONE SHEET MASK IS STUPID. Unless it’s hydrogel. lol. In this day and age you should never pay more than $2 for a simple mask. Yesstyle- Just no, don’t do this.

As for specs, this is a 25g mask and includes honey extract, milk and blueberry extract. Different versions of this mask includes honey, broccoli, and mushroom! Mushroom..LOL that’s definitely a new one for me.

With all that said let’s get into the review!

I open the package, take out the mask and place onto my face. Directions are normal – place on clean dry face for 20 minutes then take off. Good thing is this packaging includes lots of essence! Yess!! Great sign so far.

::REVIEW:: No:hj Super Food Blueberry Mask!

Everything seems fine, mask actually doesn’t smell like blueberries though. Smells like some sort of icy/hot medicine.. Blechh. Also the sheet doesn’t feel soft, it’s a bit thick and stiff. It’s a bio-cellulose mask.. Apparently that is a natural fiber that is super thin and biodegradable.

After a few minutes I feel this start to STING my face. Like “ow ow ow” sting. I look in the mirror and my face is starting to turn red! At about the 3-4 minute mark I took this mask off. Threw away.. useless and harmful! Bye!! My face completely rejected this mask. I don’t know which ingredient was the cause but in any case this mask was shit. There might be a reason I’d never heard of this brand before..trashhhh.

Awful awful awful mask.. waste of money and my poor face…! I washed my face with water and put on moisturizer. Thankfully no long term effects, my face calmed down afterwards. I don’t recommend this mask. BYE No:hj!!

Any ideas why this mask sucks? Lemme know in the comments below!

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