::No Buy July:: Second Failure but WORTH IT!

Hunnyy 3CE summer sale discountHi bunnies! I failed but this month I am proud! LOL. Before you get too confused let me explain- I am trying to not purchase any makeup/cosmetics this whole year 2019 and each month I update you guys. I failed in April I think? But every other month I’ve done pretty well!

Now, July… is another story. But I have my reasons! It was around July 4th, and Stylenanda was having a HUGE 3CE summer sale! I’m talking 30% – 70% OFF! SEVENTY PERCENT OFF.

I did what I always do when online shopping, I browse through and add things to my cart that has a good enough discount. Then I look at the cart and if there are more than about 10 items that are well worth the discount, I go through with the purchase.

For this sale I got $242 worth of stuff for only $78.80. That is CRAZYGOOD. Anyone would’ve went through with this purchase too. If you know Stylenanda you know this brand is soooo expensive, I’ve been to Korea and all their stores, it’s so pricey. I went to their Pink Hotel store in Myeongdong and only spent $50 for like 3 items… ugg..

You can see at the top picture the total discount of $163.20, absolutely insane and I could not be happier. I am more than willing to buy cosmetics at a discount. Take full advantage of these sales! I saw the flyer for this sale originally on instagram then went to their site. Mind you, in order to even add items to your cart you need to create a Stylenanda account.

That being said, checkout was super simple, shipping is supposed to take 7-14 days so we shall see! I will do an extensive review once I receive the products!!

What do you guys think? Was it worth breaking my self-ban?

Lemme know in the comments below!

xoxo, hunnyy

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