::REVIEW:: It’s Skin- Avocado Sheet Mask!!

::REVIEW:: It's Skin- Avocado Sheet Mask!!Hello my readers!! I have a new sheet mask review!! This is the It’s Skin The Fresh Sheet Mask – Avocado – High Nutrition. Seems like a simple cotton sheet mask but who knows- let’s get into the review!


  • 20 grams
  • $1.99 on most online retailers. 10 different versions from Avocado to Rose to Honey!
  • “Formulated with avocado oil
    Highly nutritious and moisturizing
    Contains Vitamin E
    Recommended for dry, sun damaged, or aging skin”
  • Directions are normal – Apply onto face and leave on for 15-20 minutes.

My Experience:

It’s Skin is a well-known Kbeauty brand and I’ve tried many many of their products! Most of which were solid reliable products. This face mask is no different.

I opened the packaging and there was no obvious scent to the mask. I guess avocado doesn’t have a strong fragrance either so it makes sense 🙂 The packaging does not have a lot of essence sadly.. Not enough to get some on my neck and arms..

So I applied the mask to my face and immediately the mouth hole is too small. A huge pet peeve I have is when the essence goes into my mouth!!! BLECH. So I had to rip the mask to extend.. blech.. In general the mask didn’t really fit my face well.. but whatever, these masks are always a little off because no ones’ face is built the same~

The mask feels fine though! No stinging and doesn’t feel too cold to the touch either. Very happy that it doesn’t sting! Great for sensitive skin folks like me~ I kept this mask on for 25 minutes with no problems!
All in all I’d say this mask was good! A solid 4/5, if you come across this mask I’d recommend it! The face shape might not exactly fit you but eh, nothing’s perfect.

Another thing! Thankfully after I took off the mask, the moisture remained on my face so I didn’t need any night cream afterwards. Feeling gooood <3

Until next time hunnyys!!

xoxo, hunnyy

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