::Review:: Dragon’s Blood Hydrogel Face Mask!

::Review:: Dragon's Blood Hydrogel Face Mask!Hi bunnies! Happy Saturday! Today’s review is of a very odd product! This is the Hello My Name is –  Dragon’s Blood Skin Solution Hydrogel Mask. Very weird name brand right?? And wtf is dragon’s blood?! Let’s find out!


20 grams

Wow, it is nonexistent when you research this mask. I couldn’t find this on a retailer site to purchase and I couldn’t find a single review of this mask. I found two sites that had the horse oil and snake versions but it just described the Chinese traditional print is used in the packaging.

I’m guessing this is not a well-known brand (I’d never heard of it either). So after unsuccessfully searching american sites, I tried Korean Naver search engine and found one review. One. That’s it. This was also a review of the horse oil mask WHICH CONTAINS HORSE FAT. Whut. What kind of mask do I have?? Dragon fat!? It was one of those free masks gift with purchase from Too Cool For School.. I guess this is the mystery of free products LOL

::Review:: Dragon's Blood Hydrogel Face Mask!


My experience:

I opened the mask and there was no smell. Neither good nor bad. There was however LOTS of essence inside, more than enough to do a whole layer of lotion on my body.

As I put the mask on I notice it doesn’t fit my nose well. I have a higher nose bridge than most Asians so it doesn’t cover the whole surface area of my nose. Other than that this mask felt great. Even if this is an unknown brand I didn’t feel it used cheap products. Usually when they use cheap ingredients is when my face reacts to it and stings. This one has no sting! Woohoo!

Also, when I put the remaining essence on my legs it was kind of tacky for 5 minutes but it’s okay now. The stickiness went away and my skin felt great! Face and legs!

Some other things I noticed – even though this is a hydrogel mask, it actually dries pretty fast! I waited about 25 minutes then took the mask off. My face felt cold but clear! Pleasantly surprised!! 

I’m still so curious about this band! “Hello My Name Is” – If anyone knows this brand write in the comments below! I need to find out more!

I hope you guys liked this review!

Until next time hunnyys!!

xoxo, hunnyy

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  1. What an interesting mask! But then again, I’ve always loved a good mystery!

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