::REVIEW:: Secret Key-Nature Recipe Honey Mask Pack!


Okay I don’t know this brand Secret Key so we are in uncharted territory! Waaaa!

This is the Secret Key Nature Recipe Honey Mask Pack! Really cute mask I got in a subscription box awhile back. With that said let’s get right into the review!


20 grams

Five different versions of this mask – Honey, Pearl, Aloe, Tea Tree and Pomegranate.

Retails for $2.60


Description – “Nature Recipe Mask Pack adheres to skin very well, and serums contained in the mask also get absorbed effectively as it adheres to skin without any air bumps.

This mask has a step to their directions that asks you to do an allergy test patch on your skin before applying the mask! That’s so unique! Good job Secret Key!

Okay so now for my experience with this mask!

My experience:

I opened the packaging and very slight honey smell!

::REVIEW:: Secret Key-Nature Recipe Honey Mask Pack! hunnyy

I put the mask on and oh Jesus.. the face mask I used the other night was too small in the mouth hole but this one is too big!! It’s like I’m freaking Goldilocks here! Literally became a thin string and hung from the mask, getting in my mouth. Like a long jump rope line. See picture on the left.. I’m not even joking lol.

Otherwise the mask itself felt fine. It had good enough essence in the packaging for my neck and arms! Yesss~

Unfortunately I took off the mask after only 15 minutes because the dangling jump rope was so bothersome, every time I opened my mouth it like went in a little bit. Blech! My skin felt great afterwards though!

All in all a pretty good mask! I think $2.60 is overpriced however. The description was also FALSE- “Adheres to the skin” my ass.. lol. For this price, the mask should have a better shape!!

Have you guys tried any Secret Key products? Lemme know in the comments below!

I hope you guys liked this review!

Until next time hunnyys!!

xoxo, hunnyy

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