Why I’m Against Vanity Lights & Selfie Mirrors

PhotoGrid_1567797037244.jpgThey seem overdone and unnecessary. Those lights can only help you so much. Aren’t you better off using, I don’t know, natural light?! Most people have homes with windows right?

When I went to Beautycon there were so many vendors selling vanity lights and mirror selfies. The huge stands you put on your desk or bathroom with all the bright lightbulbs attached to it? Yeah, they were selling those to tweens, adults and everyone in between. Lights that change intensity, that are interchangeable, with mirrors with all these fancy tricks.. Just seemed like a waste of money because oh buddy these cost MONEY. They were all over $100 just for the lights.

And honestly natural lighting is how you get the best looks. I have a horror story where I did my makeup in the bathroom (bad indoor lighting) and I went off to church thinking I looked GEWD. I went halfway through service, took a bathroom break, looked in the mirror and nearly fell over. My eyebrows were RED – I thought I bought a light brown color eyebrow pencil. And my foundation was too light so I looked like some sort of she-devil walking around my church. Spent 10 minutes wiping off my makeup and avoided everyone in the cafeteria after service..

Lesson of this story is always check your makeup in multiple lights (especially natural outdoor lights) and never use products for the first time and walk out the damn door. LOL.

In conclusion I personally don’t like artificial lighting. Natural is best.
What do you guys think? What is the argument for artificial lighting?

Lemme know in the comments below!

Until next time hunnyys!!

xoxo, hunnyy

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  1. I’m here for a good vanity and a natural light. Where my makeup table is set up in the bedroom I need the extra light to see. It’s convenient! I certainly didn’t pay anywhere close to $100 bc I’m all about beauty on a budget lol.

    1. samee! i feel like if someone really wanted a vanity light, just make sure their room lamp has a great bulb! thank you so much for reading!

  2. I am ALL about that natural lighting! If I can, I honestly feel like putting makeup on in the car is the best because of all the natural light AND it prevents me from putting on too much!

  3. I actually use a small ring light that I clip to my phone. I think I got it for like a couple of dollars and it works beautifully. I can’t always get good natural light from my windows, but for cheap money my ring light works perfectly.

  4. Unfortunately, sunlight doesn’t naturally beam down on my makeup area. Wrong side of the house 😅

    But if I could? Natural light!

    1. oh my goodness that is unfortunate 🙁 thank you so much for reading!!

  5. There are plenty of YouTube videos to help one make a vanity lighting set up for cheap. While natural light is always best, if you live in a place that doesn’t get a lot of natural light or windows, then having an artificial boost may be the only help. I live in a part of the US where I get to experience all four seasons and different variations and intensities of sunlight. That can be a challenge for makeup application too.

  6. My biggest gripe with taking selfies in front of the mirror are two things: 1. A filthy mirror. Nothing is more off-putting to me than a filthy mirror displayed online for the entire world to see. 2. When the phone covers the majority of the person’s face/can barely see their face or expression. In this case, I think the phone has the spotlight. 🤷‍♀️

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