::Review:: A’Pieu Banana Milk One Pack!

::Review:: A'Pieu Banana Milk One Pack!Good morning hunnyys! I have a really cute Banana mask to go with your cereal today! Kidding, don’t actually eat this, it’s a face mask~ I actually bought this at Walmart! Sells for $2 yay! Okay let’s get into the review!

This is the A’Pieu Banana Milk One Pack!


  • $2.50 for one mask (per Missha’s website)
  • 21 grams
  • “Free of alcohol, dyes, mineral oil, and gluten” According to Target
  • I have the Strawberry Milk Mask and already reviewed it here for those who are interested!
  • A’Pieu also has this in chocolate, green tea and coffee versions!

My Experience:

So with the strawberry mask I had a really tough time opening the mask because it has really thin layers for the packaging and they stick together. Once I opened it I got hit with the banana scent.. YUMMY wow I really like this scent!! Smells like banana candyy, I felt so at peace <3


The essence on the mask had a very very creamy milky consistency. I put the mask on and I’m not happy – doesn’t fit on my face well.. The upper lip portion kind of lifts off so moving a lot isn’t good. It was one of those bothersome feelings when your clothes don’t fit well and you just wanna switch outfits. I wanted a new face mask LOL.

Other than that I didn’t have many problems. The mask did NOT sting! YAY.

There is a lot of essence inside the packaging to put on my neck and arms so that’s a plus. I had the mask on for the normal 20 minutes before I took it off, my face felt just fine afterwards. Nothing out of the ordinary.

I liked this mask but I probably wouldn’t get again.. I don’t remember being this annoyed with the strawberry version!

I hope this review helped you guys out! I really should come up with a Hunnyy Criteria for my masks.. I talk about the same few things that are really important to me with sheet maskss… this is a task for next week!! LOL 🙂

If you’ve tried the other versions lemme know in the comments below!!

Until next time hunnyys!!

xoxo, hunnyy

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