::WEDDING:: I Went To A Bridal Expo And…I Didn’t Like It..

PhotoGrid_1568225195031.jpgHi bunnies! So I went to a bridal expo about a week ago and IT SUCKED. I don’t know if I should go as far as revealing the specific name of this convention but… Bleh. It was a local convention at a nearby hotel in the city.

Ever since I got engaged in May I have been on the lookout for wedding conventions! Seems like such a great idea, see all the local vendors and meet in person! The Knot and other websites are great but the best you can get is a phone call most times.. so I booked tickets for me and my two maids of honor for the Bridal Expo and we went!

We got to the hotel about 10 minutes before the event started and there was already a line! Seemed promising! They handed out these little cards to fill out information to enter a contest. There were A LOT of contests… like fill out the card for a chance to win a free honeymoon and crap like that. Honestly I wasn’t interested because I already had my honeymoon destiny decided..lol and who ever wins those anyway?

When the doors opened they gave the first 50 people free coupons for a pair of wedding bands! I was floored-that’s really cool! I’m sure they were on the lower end of price but whatever, it’s just simple wedding bands. But once you actually read the coupon – it’s not really free. You go online and pick the bands you want and the rings are free but the shipping is not. Each ring is $25… WHY. Rings are freaking tiny.. So for a pair of wedding bands it’d be $50. To me, that is not free. Stupid. Gosh..

Anyways we get inside the convention hall and there’s about 40 vendors set up in their little booths and it was set up very career fair-like. Pretty poor setup, black curtains separating everything..

The vendors included makeup artists, dress companies, skincare services, DJ, photobooth services, etc. But honestly there was like two each of these – that’s it. Not a huge selection at all. AND the part that pissed me off the most was that on the radio they advertised this as like “cake tasting, caterer vendors!” and lemme tell you THERE WERE NO CATERERS WHATSOEVER. Not even a bartending vendor… No cake, no testing no food!! Gahh.

The biggest type of vendor was definitely the honeymoon vendor. Most of these also had the contests of “enter and win a free honeymoon” or “free party bus”. Blah, not interested so I mostly skipped these.

An interesting vendor worth mentioning was a boudair-photoshoot service. The sample pictures were females in lingerie and it was marketed as “fun photoshoot for your groom!” No thanks. I’m not about to let strangers photograph me like that.

Also, a huge huge huge negative was that there was such a lack of goodie bags and freebies.. The best item was Zola who gave away lipbalms. Some places gave out a pen but most just gave their brochure of their service. Dude, my accounting career fair in college gave out better shit. Tumblers, hats, bags! Like why did I even pay to attend this poor bridal expo??

TIP – If you are going to one of these, try to go to one closer to your wedding date. Reason why is that a lot of the brochures will have coupons and discounts for you but they all expire like 3 months of the date of the convention. My wedding is 2 years away..these coupons mean nothing to me lol.

So that was my day.. It was a four hour event and me and my friends hit all vendors and were done in 30 minutes.. Bye.

Have you guys had a similar experience?? Should I try more before I give up?

Lemme know in the comments below!!

Until next time hunnyys!!

xoxo, hunnyy

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  1. What a total bummer!! I never did any of those kinds of things. I just kind of looked through magazines went online and just came up with some of my own ideas and to this day everyone will still say they had a blast. Me and my hubby have been married for 12 years and together for 17.

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