::BTS:: Shooky Nail Art!

::BTS:: Shooky Nail Art!Happy Sunday! I know I don’t usually post on Sundays but this nail look NEEDED TO BE RELEASED!

This is the BT21 Shooky Nail look! I had the BT21 nail stickers from Olive Young! I did a nail look with the set before but not these exact stickers. There are a lot of stickers in a set so I am able to pull off all different designs!

::BTS:: Shooky Nail Art!With the white nail polish from 3CE and the shooky stickers, I have milk and cookie nail art!!

The little green stars and hearts are incredibly tiny and hard to grasp but once you get it on your nail you’re gucci! Just add top coat when you are finished and it’ll look great for about 3-4 days!

I love Shooky but I feel like this is the one character that resembles their member the least. Doesn’t really remind me of Yoongi.. I feel like maybe he shoulda had a kitty character? Oh well, it’s still really cute!

PhotoGrid_1568589005883.jpg I also like the brown-green color palette, I wanted to keep my look solely focused on Shooky. I have several more sets so I will be creating lots of different looks with a combination of the different characters!

Only problem is the stickers are hard to see with any polish color that isn’t white. Any ideas you guys?

Okay that is it for todayy! I hope you guys liked this nail look!

Until next time hunnyys!!

xoxo, hunnyy

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  1. Your nails came out super cute!! I hear little tidbits here and there about BTS but they never play any of their music on the radio especially here in Massachusetts. Although I want to say I may have heard some of their songs on Pandora from my K-Pop channel. Also you could possibly try a nude shade or very light pink shade on your nails with the stickers it might work.

  2. Super cute! 🙂 I think you could use black nail polish instead of the white one, but I think any other colour would be too much… I mean the stickers are already plenty of colors and glitter 😂

    1. My sentiments exactly! Okay I will deff try the black!♡♡

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