The Best Resource For Blogging (No, It’s Not Pinterest) (Also Not Clickbait)

PhotoGrid_1568497170189.jpgSo after about four years of blogging and obsessively researching how to improve my blog, I have a really solid resource! Facebook groups. Not just any Facebook groups, you really have to just try and join multiple ones and see which matches you best. I have joined at least 20 in the last year or two and some aren’t active and have no engagement, others are so cluttered with “follow me and ill follow back!” nonsense, but some are golden! These golden ones have really good advice, active users who post lots and so much interesting tips and hacks. It also helps me feel like I’m not alone in my struggle in blogging. If you are interested in which ones I joined email me and I can give you a list!

And the ones that are inactive and useless, I leave those groups asap. There’s no use in keeping them on your feed~

Yeah, so this post is definitely not clickbait, iIfreaking hate clickbait. And Pinterest although it has some good material is SO FILLED WITH CLICKBAIT. Just useless shit- you click into the link and it’s a bunch of “write about something you like and blogging will make you millions”…. Yeah, okay bye. And sometimes the links are from articles written 7 years ago which can or cannot be useful to what your current needs are. All of this clicking into different links with every post just to get some insight is lot more difficult and time consuming than Facebook groups.

I hope this works for you guys as well as it worked for me! Lemme know if you have another resource that is your go-to!!

Love love love~

Until next time hunnyys!!

xoxo, hunnyy

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