::REVIEW:: Club Clio Lip & Eye Remover Tissue!!

PhotoGrid_1570936941345.jpgGood morning bunnies! Has the weather gotten any colder for y’all? It is here and I love it!

The product I am reviewing today is the Clio Profressional(Club Clio) Microfessional Lip & Eye Remover Tissue! I bought a two-pack of this while in Korea~ These wipes are mini-sized!! And round! I was expecting the normal, tissue square shaped but what a nice surprise!


  • 276 grams
  • 30 wipes in each package
  • The front packaging claims – “Efficiently removes all make up, Even waterproof”
  • Directions are to open flap, take out one tissue at a time, press onto face to soak the makeup then wipe off

::REVIEW:: Club Clio Lip & Eye Remover Tissue!!

My experience:

I used three tissues to wipe all my makeup. The wipes themselves do not have a strong scent but it does feel kind of rough? Not a stinging feeling but I guess I wiped too harshly so it didn’t feel soft.

The round mini size is not great for taking all of your makeup off. I don’t feel like the foundation is all off with these and it just doesn’t get the job done. It’s great if you used it as a first step to getting your mascara/eyeliner off but that’s about it.

I wanted to test how much residual makeup was left on my face after three tissues so I used a regular cotton wipe and cleansing oil to get aftermath and there definitely is some foundation left. Ah, oh well, I don’t expect a makeup wipe to get it all off anyways. Pipe dream.

::REVIEW:: Club Clio Lip & Eye Remover Tissue!! hunnyyIt does get waterproof makeup off, so brownie points for that!!

I will recommend that you try to use all 30 tissues shortly after opening. Like within six months. I’ve had these for about a bit longer than that and they’re starting to dry out even though I close the flap each time.

All in all it’s a nice tissue that doesn’t sting but don’t buy it thinking it’s a magic eraser 🙂 It’s a great product to carry on the go or for quick touch ups!

SALES ALERT – While writing this review, I see on Club Clio’s website that this is on sale for $1.50 when full price is usually $5!! I bought these for $3.50 for the two pack! I suggest you jump on this and check it out!!

::REVIEW:: Club Clio Lip & Eye Remover Tissue!! hunnyy
Remaining residue using cotton pad and cleansing water!

That is all for today everyone! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

If you have a makeup remover you swear by lemme know in the comments below!!

xoxo, hunnyy

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  1. I feel like these might be better for makeup touches. Like removing the rogue patch of mascara or evening out the wing of your eyeliner

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