::Blogging Problem:: Overpromising Content

::Blogging Problem:: Overpromising ContentHi bunnies! The other day I was watching one of my favorite Youtubers Meejmuse and she said something that really resonated with me. She said something along the lines of she couldn’t remember or didn’t have time to post everything she wanted. I really related to this because I have been blogging for about four years now and it is so hard to follow through on all the things you want to blog about. I have accumulated a massive beauty collection and reviewed hundreds of products but the hard part is keeping track!!

Beauty blogging is not an easy 1-2 step process. This is how it usually goes for me-

  1. I buy the product
  2. Take pictures of the packaging and the product/maybe swatch
  3. Use the product at least halfway
  4. Write down how the product feels/analysis
  5. Take more pictures of me actually using the product/swatch
  6. Edit the pictures with my watermark/crop as necessary
  7. Compile all pictures into the blog post and fix up my review I wrote down earlier
  8. Research the product online/noteworthy items
  9. Finish up the post with tags, editing the cover image, and scheduling the post to publish

The things that become obstacles are when it takes me a really long to use the product, when I have other blog posts and reviews to write ahead of time, when the product is complicated to write about or takes a long time to research. Time goes by, I accumulate more products, more pictures, more things to keep track of. I just don’t like putting out content that is half-assed or fake. I want to feel confident in the reviews I’m writing.

Another huge thing that is I have a million different ideas for content and trying to get all of it out at the same time is impossible. One clear example is I had a video showcasing all of my sample-sized skincare products. I named it “Part 1” because I only got to show a third of the products I had. I intended to have the second part recorded and uploaded shortly after but this did not happen. I’m not even sure I can do the second part at all because I don’t know where I put the products in my closet and I can’t find the time to film. I feel bad because I promised I’d have something and I’m not following through as well as I should.

I don’t know, these are my struggles. Life gets in the way. I am trying to be more organized.

Until next time loves,

xoxo hunnyy

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  1. Finally, something I understand so much it hurts!!! What’s helped me is to realize that, “Just because I promise to deliver on X, Y or Z, it doesn’t mean life is going to always allow me to complete Y or Z.” It’s honestly been a huge detriment to blogging for me because my dumbass is always like, “I want to do this and that and ohhh how about this??” and then life mows me over.

    And I completely feel you about not wanting to feel half-assed or fake about your content. I feel like blogging has become a numbers game to a lot of people and seeing the constant stream of new posts sparks a feeling of panic in those of us who don’t do that much. For some, it may be their main source of income and so they have to keep up that level of output. For me and other similar bloggers, this is just a hobby. We don’t make money (and if we do, it’s always a very small cut from affiliate links that go directly into funding for things we review and put time into for our blog).

    When we have to start asking questions about our level of output, that’s when I think it’s an issue. If you feel drained or stressed out, think about why you started blogging. Did you feel stressed out about the same things you did then? Do you find yourself straying from what you originally wanted to share with others? If you feel like you are, take some time off to give yourself a break – we all need it. I found out I had depression, which factored into most of my blogging habits. I’m still struggling to come to terms with it, my time management, financial issues and so on and all of that has put a strain on my blog, and I never thought it could. I hope things go smoothly for you, hunnyy, and make sure to take care of yourself too.

    Best wishes,


    1. OMG life be mowing me over too!! LOL your sentiments exactlyyyyy. Thanks so much for sharing, glad im not alone Leaf!! Best of luck to you as well!

      1. Sorry to hear that, hunnyy, but somehow things WILL get better!! I don’t know exactly what’s going on nor do you have to share but I do hope that whatever it is, you’re alright. Please take care of yourself – I know it’s the last thing I ever thought of doing since I had so much going on it never occurred to me until my doctor had to step in to tell me that depression wasn’t something I should be taking lightly. Anyway, hang in there and if you ever need to talk, feel free to email me or dm me on twitter!

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