PhotoGrid_1572541699266.jpgHere is what I am planning:

  1. Sharing all the discounts/holiday sales I find via my insta @hunnyybeauty
  2. Sharing my picks for the best beauty holiday gifts
  3. Sharing my own plans to spend the next two months <3
  4. How to deal with relatives and survive..lol

I seriously wait for this time all year round.. the shorter days kind of suck but I love the Christmas songs on the radio, I love the Christmas lights in every store and every front yard~ I love all the holiday sales!!! YAYYY.

This holiday season will be great!! I hope all of you guys enjoy the next two months as well <3

I will not be doing a hunnyyholidays challenge as before.. That was so hard and poorly planned on my part. I failed miserably..haha. this year I will try and have newer more fun posts! Stay tuned on my youtube, instagram, pinterest and twitter!!

What do you guys have planned? Lemme know in the comments below!


  1. I cannot believe it is November 1st already! I look forward to the sales you find this season – so many businesses have already started!
    I am actually moving now so as soon as I get situated, the Christmas tree is going to be unpacked! <3

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