::Hunnyy:: Beauty Opinions

Hi bunnies! I have random thoughts that I’ve been wanting to jot down..


  • Why does La Neige have to be so expensive..
  • When will The Saem stop using shit tactics to scam customers in their stores..
  • How is VTCosmetics affording to pay BTS.. was their company even profitable before BTS??
  • How many Korean cosmetics brands are there?? a million??
  • I think La Mer is overrated.. although I’ve never tried it myself
  • Department stores are SO overpriced
  • Sephora needs to have more sales
  • The U.S needs to tighten their oversight of cosmetics and its laws

lolol. Sorry random post, random thoughts. Just wanted to throw it out there ๐Ÿ™‚

What are some of your beauty opinions? Any unpopular opinions?

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