::REVIEW:: Petroleum Jelly – Yay or Nay?

::REVIEW:: Petroleum Jelly - Yay or Nay?Hi bunnies! Do you guys use Vaseline on a regular basis in your skincare routine? I do!!

The use of Petroleum Jelly as a skincare product is highly debated but here’s my take-

I have SUPER DRY skin, I have trouble keeping my face moisturized. I do not have terribly sensitive skin so Vaseline does not clog my pores. It does for some sensitive skin folks!

For me, ever since I saw on Get It Beauty that Vaseline is a great barrier to keep moisture in your skin I was so intrigued! I grew up knowing what Vaseline was but I always associated it as like a salve grandpa used on his arms and legs lol.

A few weeks later I saw on Dr. Pimple Popper (I love this show) that a man who had an awful skin condition used Vaseline to improve his scaley dry feet! It looked amazing! Just a Vaseline wrap every month and his feet looked brand-new! And Vaseline is so easily accessible! It doesn’t cost $400 a jar or anything so I tried it! Google it if you don’t believe me!

This is the specs for the Vaseline I use-

::REVIEW:: Petroleum Jelly - Yay or Nay?Ingredient: White Petrolatum USP (100%).

100% pure petroleum jelly.

“Use it daily all over your body, even your face. Locks in moisture to help heal dry skin. Helps protect minor cuts, scrapes and burns, protects skin from wind burn and chapping, reduces the appearance of fine, dry lines.”

So basically anything you could need to protect your skin. I like to think of this as my skin’s bodyguard. Since it contains only one ingredient  this is perfect for people who like simpler products! Putting too much on can create clogged pores, as I mentioned before.

Some downsides to Vaseline is it’s greasy texture! People with oily skin might avoid Vaseline due to this~ It’s SO thick that it will not dry for hoursss depending on how much you apply. I like to apply this at nighttime but I leave enough time to dry so I don’t get Vaseline all over my pillowcase.

Every winter I have crazy painful eczema on my elbows. I moisturize it and put eczema cream on it daily but it still hurts and just looks yucky. I bought this Vaseline in December and within a few days my elbows felt significantly softer! It’s sooo amazing. No wonder it’s been around for decades tried and trusted 🙂

I know some people just don’t like petroleum jelly but it works for me. I use it once weekly, especially in the winter and it’s been working fine.

If you guys are still against it, look into beeswax jellies! It’s a good alternative!

What are your thoughts?

Lemme know in the comments below!



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