::REVIEW:: DearPacker Jeju Canola Flower Mask!


Good morning bunnies! Face mask reviews are back! Today’s mask is one from a brand I’ve never heard of before- Dearpacker. Sounds like Deer Park, the water bottle LOL.

Anyways let’s start on this review!


  • This is the Dearpacker Jeju Canola Flower Face Mask. Meant to improve shine and moisture, this mask is 0.8 fl oz (23ml) and comes in a pack of one.
  • There are four versions- Jeju Cherry, Jeju Canola, Jeju Cantus and Jeju Camellia
  • Retails for about $1 for one mask
  • Directions are simple, apply to a clean face for 10-20 minutes.
  • The brand itself is a bit odd, I can’t find much information on them. I can see they specialize in face masks, but their main website seems to be a subpage of LG’s website..

Oh lord, they translated this Canola flower as “rape flower” -gosh that translation just doesn’t sound right. But that’s what the packaging says on the back. I’ve never heard of this flower and I do not want to google it. Sorry.


I open the packaging to take the mask our and it’s a very stiff mask. The material doesn’t feel like soft cotton and it has an offwhite color with a grid design texture. It fits my face pretty well.

::REVIEW:: DearPacker Jeju Canola Flower Mask!Already disappointing, there is little essence inside, just enough to cover my forearms. There is however, a good layer of moisture on the mask that I can put on my neck and legs! There is not much fragrance at all that I can detect~

The mask feels kind of uncomfortable. I keep it on for about 30 minutes, walked around and it stayed put well! I got through a huge chunk of watching 90 day fiance with this on LOL.

After the 20 minutes I took off the mask and there was a lot of leftover serum of my face. It was okay. Not a very refreshing mask.. I guess it got the job done.

Would I repurchase? No. It is a good price but didn’t do much for me, I’d rather spend my money to try other face masks!


Does anyone have information on this brand? It’s like a rare obscure brand i must know moreee! LOL ❤

Lemme know in the comments below!

Until next time everyone!



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