::REVIEW:: Innisfree Pomegranate My Real Squeeze Sheet Mask!

::REVIEW:: Innisfree Pomegranate My Real Squeeze Sheet Mask!
Good morning! A kbeauty mask review to start your morning! I hope you guys are trucking through your week well <3

This is the Innisfree Pomegranate My Real Squeeze Sheet Mask. Let’s get into the review!


  • Part of a huge 13-part line of My Real Squeeze Face Masks.
  • Sold at Innisfree’s global website for $1.80 for one mask.
  • The masks are biodegradable-made from 100% eucalyptus fibers!!
  • Directions are simple, apply to clean face for 10-20 minutes



I think I have this entire My Real Squeeze line..! This on in particular I had mixed feelings about.

::REVIEW:: Innisfree Pomegranate My Real Squeeze Sheet Mask!I open the packaging and nothing out of the ordinary. Innisfree has very solid reliable sheet masks. The essence was a milky white color with a medium amount of essence inside.

It fit well on my face but felt slightly irritating after a minute. I don’t know what it was, usually Innisfree is the kindest on my skin! Never a bad experience.. But this mask had a kind of tingle. Not bad enough to take off the mask or cut my time short but it was definitely bothersome.

All in all I like Innisfree but not this mask. Maybe it’s the pomegranate in it! I don’t know, wouldn’t repurchase! However I do LOVE the fact that this mask is 100% biodegradable, Innisfree you impress me once again. They should really advertise this fact more on their packaging – people love green skincare <3

I will try to review every mask in this My Real Squeeze line, until next time bunnies! Oh, I will try to update everyone on my actual bunnies soon too lolol 🙂



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