::REVIEW:: SooAe Black Charcoal Mask!

::REVIEW:: SooAe Black Charcoal Mask!Good morning bunnies!

Today I have the SooAe Black Purifying Charcoal Mask to review! SooAe really stepped up their game with this charcoal packaging! I’m impressed!

Let’s get into the review!


  • 0.88 ounces
  • $2-$5 on retail online for one mask
  • Cant find the official site for this mask, the below is the description from Walmart
  • Formulated with binchotan charcoal, known for its powerful purifying and detoxing benefits
  • Formulated with a special blend of plant extracts, proven to deliver synergistic benefits
  • Brightens and improves skin’s overall tone
  • Provides instant moisture and hydration to skin in 15 minutes
  • Instantly refreshes tired and fatigued skin
  • Travel-friendly and easy to use”


  1. Is opening the packaging easy? Yes
  2. Does the mask have a scent/fragrance? Nope, none at all.
  3. Does it have enough essence inside to apply on neck/arms/rest of body? NONE. Nothing to work with..feelsbadman
  4. What does the mask feel like? Nice and soft, not slimey or too thick
  5. Does it fit my face well? It sticks really really well!
  6. Does it stay on well? Yes!
  7. Does it sting at all? Nope!
  8. Overall comfort? Pretty good while the mask is on!
  9. Does my skin feel any different? Not muchhh.
  10. How are the ingredients? I hate the fragrance and parabens in this…
  11. How did my skin feel right after? Skin felt fine but I smelled this strong charcoal as soon as I took the mask off. Almost like a burning smell. 
  12. How did my skin feel the day after? No difference but nothing negative.
  13. Would I repurchase? NO. Way too expensive.
  14. Do I recommend it? Yes, but if you’re a high-roller rolling in the dough~

::REVIEW:: SooAe Black Charcoal Mask!

Lemme just say almost $5 for ONE MASK is ridiculous. I get it’s charcoal but lord! No! My body is telling me nooo~ I’d use other masks that gave my wallet some breathing room~

Also the description of the mask at the top of this post are a bit silly, “Provides instant moisture and hydration to skin in 15 minutes”? Well duh, because there’s moisture being applied to my face, of course it will increase the skin’s hydration levels. That’s like saying if you jump into a pool you will get wet.

But that is my whole review! It’s my first time using my Hunnyy Mask criteria! See the post where I decided to update my review format here!

Lemme know if there are any questions to the criteria you would add in the comments below!

Until next time!



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