::REVIEW:: VDL Triple Shot Tint Bar!

::REVIEW:: VDL Triple Shot Tint Bar!Good morning bunnies! The ultimate gradient lip helper! Comparable to LaNeige’s two tone bar, this is the VDL Triple Shot Tint Bar in #201 Triple Candy. I LOVE this lippie, let’s get into the review!


  • 4 grams
  • $12-$18 for one lipstick on various online retailers
  • Description: “A triple-colored lip tint that creates petal-bitten gradient effect with a single touch. This stick tint offers a main color, sub color and a base color that enable anybody to create a soft, petal-bitten gradient effect.”


PhotoGrid_1560132463154Sidenote – There seems to be another line of this Triple Shot called Triple Shot Ex, and there’s not many retailers I could find selling so finding the exact lippie I have might be difficult!

So right away this lipstick is really beautiful, the packaging and colors is what drew me to the product. I don’t recall this being so expensive… but VDL is a pricey brand so I guess it makes sense.

I really was hoping the colors would be as gradient and obvious as it was on the tint bar itself but as you can see… not really gradient of obvious. I took lots of pictures to show you guys how it looks on my lips and on a white tissue!

I chose the Triple Candy color version because the yellow is so pretty! It comes off pink on your lips however! You will not get yellow lips! lol


As for how the lippie feels, it’s pretty smooth!

Does not feel thick or uncomfortable and it stays on pretty well! When I drink from a cup there is little transfer! Yay!

I feel best when I add another lippie on top of this tint bar just to add some dimension.

This tint bar is nice overall but lacking vibrant color, which is hilarious because it has three colors!!

With everything said for some reason I still use and enjoy this tint bar.. I guess because it feels nice? Before this, I was using a jelly lipstick that was so thick I always needed a tissue to blot. This tint bar doesn’t have that problem thankfully!


So that is it for the review! Would I repurchase? No, because it’s too pricey for a lackluster color payoff.

Have you guys tried any VDL lipsticks? Lemme know in the comments below!



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