The Best Way I Found To Join Pinterest Group Boards!

The Best Way I Found To Join Pinterest Group Boards!Hello hunnyys! I am on Pinterest everyday, I absolutely love how much amazing pictures are on one site! I discovered group boards a few years back and was immediately interested! But they’re hard to find! And even harder to get into one. When I first started there was this really old-fashioned website that listed group boards by category. But the categories were completely generic and limited. I couldn’t find a Kbeauty group or specialized group that would really fit me. I joined 2 groups from that website (general beauty and blogging group) and then my account became stagnant.

I didn’t join another Pinterest group for another year or so. By the time I decided to look again I couldn’t find any to join! It felt like a secret club you could only be invited to if you knew the right people.. Hopeless and dejected, I stopped looking.

In the last year I’ve discovered that not only are Facebook groups great for blogging resources, there are Facebook groups for Pinterest engagement and periodically they have boards where groups are listed and ARE AVAILABLE TO JOIN. It was like hallelujah chorus. I have joined 5 more groups and I love it! Helps my pins and I find amazing pins in return!

Some groups request you pin something from there everyday or only pin certain categories but nothing too extensive or complicated!

Definitely recommend going this route!

Do any of you guys do this now? What types of groups are you in? Lemme know in the comments below!!

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