I Went About Blogging The Wrong Way

I Went About Blogging The Wrong WayGood morning bunnies! As part of my hunnyy mental health campaign(?) I am writing my thoughts out! I used to journal a lot when I was younger but as you get older you lose time to devote to this :(

Lately I’ve been thinking and regretting the way I approached blogging. When I started I went about it in a very business-y way? The first things I thought about were the name of the blog I wanted, securing a unique name, getting the official blog name, email, twitter handle, then the logo and how I would brand myself. The kind of look and theme I wanted for my site. These things are important, don’t get me wrong – but I wish I spent less time on this and more time actually writing my blogs.

I also spent way too much money filming. I am not a tech-y person so I thought “oh, a dslr or expensive camera will give me the look I want” so I bought an expensive camera that I actually haven’t ended up using at all. It’s too complicated.. and smartphones now are good enough! I also bought a camera stand, photography lights and a bunch of stuff I don’t use as much as I should. The photography light actually comes in handy a lot.. but other things not much!

Okay I spent most of my post writing about things I regret, I’ll also mention some things I am happy I did!

  • I didn’t spend money on editing software, I use the free ones
  • I didn’t hire a social media manager
  • I post on a regular basis
  • I try to keep my blogs consistent in content
  • I never give up my love for beauty and blogging

Just a few things.. but I’m mostly happy with where I am. I do wish I could do this full time though. A work in progress! I will get there one day!

I hope you all achieve your goals as well. Let’s do it!

Until next time loves,



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