::HunnyyHolidays:: What I Bought From Cyber Monday!

PhotoGrid_1576376796482.jpgHi bunnies! What did you guys get for the holidays?! Here’s what I got:



  1. Youth Glow Set (2 for each of Drew’s grandmas Christmas gifts)
  2. Refreshing cleansing cream -apple (2)
  3. My pure body-body lotion – Wild berry

Total $80.00

The reason I chose to buy from Innisfree was because they had the best gift sets and free items! Here was the free items:

  1. Wonder Box Indulge
  2. Youth-enriched cream with orchid sample
  3. Youth-enriched cream with orchid sample
  4. Brightening & pore-caring sleeping mask sample
  5. Free Glow Essentials 3 Piece Set + Pouch

I got MORE FREE ITEMS than items I paid for. Yes. It’s already shipped and on its way!

I almost bought from Missha because they had gift sets as well but Innisfree I trust more with skincare and their free items really convinced me <3



  1. Every single Oxbow chew toy, hay toy, basically nine Oxbow small pet toys. I loveeeee this brand, it’s the best brand for my rabbits! There wasn’t much of a discount here but since Chewy just got these products I had to get them! My bunnies deserve the best!!


  1. Drew’s Christmas gift-he wanted a razr mouse only found here since it was a discontinued mouse. Unfortunately no discount on this.
  2. A Harry Potter pillow for my best friend, it’s totally her style and this was on discount for Cyber Monday! Yes!

Aliexpress: everything here was discounted

  1. Like 10 sets of earrings (all under $4 each and all discounted 10%-50% off)
  2. A Note 9 phone case

So that was my list!! I’m the type that likes to buy from one site but this year.. a grand total of 4. Oh well gotta do what you gotta do~~

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