::New Kbeauty Brand:: MILKTOUCH! (3CE Dupe!)

PhotoGrid_1573165732648.jpgHi bunnies! I came across this new kbeauty brand! It’s called Milk Touch! Isn’t there an american brand with milk in it?? They sell it Sephora.. can’t remember the exact name. lol. In any case-

Their brand is relatively new, they do not yet have their own standalone store in Korea but you can find their products at Oliveyoung, Lohbs and LalaVla.

The CEO of this company actually went on a few PowderRoom youtube videos and in them she talks about how she started her company after working for a well-known cosmetics brand (she didn’t name names) but she witnessed the CEO put new packaging on an old expired un-sold product and they said “I don’t care, it’s not like I’m the one that’s going to use it” so the MilkTouch woman was so appalled she wanted to make her own line that has good standards. This… really disgusted me as well.. that business owners do this to save money but is so wrong!! That makes me so scared, like what if one of the products I bought was like this?! AGH.

I browsed through their website and their eye shadow palette looks a lot like 3ce, actually their whole website and style looks just like 3CE but at a third of the price! I haven’t tried their products yet so I can’t say for sure but the style definitely is a 3CE dupe.

The first ever Milk Touch product is their  Marshmallow foundation! They made this to be not too matte and not too shiny. But it looks JUST LIKE Estee Lauder foundation.. From the semi-matte rectangular body to the gold lid.. Wow they just put their logo on Estee Lauder’s foundation.

Their youtube channel has 140 subscribers and five videos so far. RIP. They need help with marketing! Hire me! I can help! LOL.

Anywayyss has anyone heard of this brand? When I go to Korea next year I will definitely be on the look-out!

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