My Hopes For 2020-

PhotoGrid_1577935216905.jpgWeird to think the decade has passed by..  I went to work yesterday so felt like any other day. I definitely wanted to get my thoughts out and really reflect (yesterday’s post) and jot down my hopes for this new year!

After we get through all the 2020 jokes I hope we stick to our new year resolutions. Mine have everything to do with health and being happy!

My major goal is to eat better, stick with Blogilates challenge, plan more of my wedding and get wedding dress ready!

The health goal also stems into getting my house more sustainable. Transition more into natural cleaning, diy recipes, and cleaning more often in general. I’ve been researching a lot into this and I’ve learned a few things I’ll list down below!

  • Alkaline water hasn’t been proved to actually benefit your health. I am asking my doctor next visit to confirm.
  • Those UV Toothbrush cleaners are expense and break. The best way to store your toothbrush is upright, in a wide area so it can dry. And preferably away from the toilet.
  • They make filters for your shower head that filter out bad water and improve pressure
  • 90% of the protein health drinks out there are bullsh*t
  • There are these beans? nuts? you can use instead of laundry detergent that is eco friendly
  • Wool dryer balls for the dryer are amazing apparently. This is on my list to try this year.

Just some random tips <3

In 2019 I did accomplish a goal I had of watching less reruns on tv and more informational videos/shows! I also started watching videos at 2x speed which really helps me watch as much as I can! I get a hour lunch break and it’s mostly filled with knocking out my Youtube watch later list 🙂

I also accomplished controlling my temper, cutting out toxic people and living more and more for myself. 🙂

Here are some goals for my blog:

  • Schedule posts way in advance (I already have 40 blog posts written and scheduled so I’m ahead of this!)
  • Keep my beauty instagram alive. even though Instagram algorithms really screwed over my account.
  • Post regularly on Youtube
  • Keep cranking out new beauty reviews, challenges and informational posts!

For this new year, let’s all breathe and reboot. Some negative folk might say “so what, a new decade?” but if you live that negatively, nothing will be fun or keep your days bright so let’s enjoy the holiday and think light <3

More hunnyybeauty coming in 2020 🙂



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