::REVIEW:: BRTC Gold Foil Mask!

PhotoGrid_1573168022510.jpgGood morning bunnies!

This mask was so weird!!! Let’s get into the review so I can tell you why lol 🙂

This is the BRTC White Phyto Complex Gold Foil Mask


  • 0.25 grams
  • About $3 online
  • “Caring dead skin and skin vitalizing”
  • The foil is supposed to prevent active components from evaporating to maximaze the efficacy
  • Two step mask. Step 1 is to apply the ampoule all over the face. Step 2 is apply the foil mask onto the face and take off after 10 minutes.



Do you see the disdain on my face??

I hate this mask. It was so odd!! I know I usually do the HunnyyMask criteria but this one I can only remember one thing-it smells like luncheon meat!!!

Like cooked hot dogs.. and I’ve had gold foil masks before they weren’t like this.. I’m so confused.  The foil felt so heavy.

The essence on the mask was really slippery I didn’t want to swallow any of it! I was hyper aware not to move my face. Meat fumes were real with this mask. I took off after 10 minutes and it was not enjoyable. Blech!!

I didn’t know much about BRTC before this mask and I really don’t have a mind to try more after this…

BLECH! Did you guys have a similar experience?? Lemme know in the comments below!



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