2020 EMPTY MY BEAUTY COLLECTION CHALLENGE!Hi bunnies! New Year, New Challenge!

Last year my challenge was no buying beauty products every month and I did pretty well! Bought cosmetics maybe 3-4 months out of the whole year! Previous posts can be found here

This year I don’t think I will do well in the above challenge because I am going to Korea this year and I will go HAM on shopping! Lol <3

So in anticipation of my huge shopping trip, I will instead use up all of the beauty products I currently have. Completely empty them! Project empty 2020!!

My plan is to empty at least 200 products to go with the 2020 theme. I have at least 200 products but I do not have 2,000 so 2,020 products would’ve have been impossible LOL. I’d have to go out and purchase over a thousand items to accomplish that! And that would be reckless too but that’s besides the point~

So for 200 products that will amount to 16.6 products every month (I will round up to 17 products). So I will give y’all an update every month and hopefully I’ll hit the 17! I encourage you to try this too! Leaving our beauty products to rot really sucks and we can put more effort into using it! We paid the money for it right? 🙂

And any type of cosmetic product can count, from toners, lotions, lipsticks, face masks, cleansers, mascaras, sample sized products, you name it! Pro tip? Mascaras rot the fastest, use those up quickly!

Alright I’m so ready!! If you want to join me let me know in the comments below and we can do it together!




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  1. haha reading the word rot really makes me want to get through my mascaras quick! I’m quite bad with makeup and have eyeshadows that are more than 10 years old just because they look pretty in the palette :/ I had a goal to empty my skincare stash in 2020 but I think I should join you and add makeup too 😀

    1. yessss! I feel the same way, i hate letting food rot, but my precious makeup!? ahkkk. Yes! Keep me updated on your progress!!

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