::KDrama Mid Review:: Something In The Rain

Okay I am writing this while watching episode 13 of 16 and I cannot take it anymore. This drama is from last year? Two years ago actually and it was so popular at the time. Such a romantic concept, an older woman falling for a slightly younger man, finding happiness in the shit that is full time jobs and trying to make a living.

Cut to episode 13- FCK THIS DRAMA. The female lead Yoon Jinah is such a pushover! For about four episodes now she has let her mother verbally and physically abuse herself and her boyfriend because she disapproves of their relationship. Jinah’s mother has said awful things like “this boy grew up without parents, he will turn out to be a piece of shit like his deadbeat father” and Jinah just kind of sat there and took it. Then at the end of the verbal lashing Jinah gave up and said “fine, ill break up with him.” ARE YOU KIDDING? Jinah, ma’am, you are 35 years old. And you can’t stand up to your own mother?? You let her go on and on for days with this nonsense?

And the boyfriend- Junhee. He a load of problems too. Sure, they love each other to try and shield their partner from harm but he doesn’t stand up for himself either. Part of it is Korean culture where you cannot be rude to elderly. But part of it is Jinah’s parents helped raise him. He is indebted to her. But jesus boy you better hold your own.

I’m telling you right now, if I was Jinah, I woulda BEEN DONE told my mother to stay out of my love life, she has no right to talk in that manner; let alone physically hit us. I am too headstrong of a woman to let anyone be rude and mean. If she would stop skirting issues and face them head on her mother wouldn’t bulldoze over her all the time. Yes, the mother is pure evil but you are partially to blame Jinah.

That is why I hate this drama. Jinah has absolutely no outstanding qualities as of yet to prove she is worthy of Junhee and likewise for Junhee. They are both immature at working hard for a relationship. Neither of them can stand up for their relationship as a united front. Jinah- move out of your freaking parents’ house. Junhee-Be proud of who you are and say what you feel.

I’m not even gonna start on Jinah butting into Junhee’s relationship with his father. This blog would end up a BOOK.

I digress. Off to episode 14. I needed an outlet. lol.



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