MASSIVE Innisfree Haul 2020!

MASSIVE Innisfree Haul 2020!Hi bunnies!! INNISFREE HAUL. No more words necessary right? Well this post is a little overdue but don’t worry! We will go over every beautiful Innisfree product <3

So as you guys know from my Cyber Monday shopping escapades, I searched for hours with a CALCULATOR actually calculating the best deals. And the very best was Innisfree. I was in search for the best gift set (for Drew’s grandmothers who love skincare) while also getting discounted products for myself.

This is what I gots!!


From this list I only paid for the Cleansers, Wild berry lotion, and the two Youth Glow sets. The Most Wanted Kit for Black Friday, Wonder Box and three sample products were FREE!


Shipping and Delivery Overview:
I ordered this on Monday December 2, 2019 and it was delivered to my doorstep by December 12, 2019. That is 10 days! Not even two weeks! Fantastic! Not as fast as Etude House but faster than Yesstyle, 3CE, and aliexpress.

Came in this wonderful Innisfree box shown above with all items bubble wrapped and intact!

Let’s get into the free items first!!

SUCH A PRETTY BAG. Wow, they really put effort into this! It is a green holographic bag and it’s structured! AHK. My love. Once you open it you get all these free samples!


  1. Innisfree Youth Enriched Cream with Orchid
  2. Innisfree Intensive Hydrating Serum
  3. Innisfree Brightening & Pore caring Sleeping Mask (using this right now and I LOVE IT)

MASSIVE Innisfree Haul 2020! hunnyywp-1579042388205.jpgwp-1579042388216.jpgwp-1579042388230.jpg

Now let’s dive into the Wonder box!! This was free with a purchase of over $30? or $50? I can’t remember exactly.


Very nice box, makes everything feel more elegant <3


  1. Innisfree Pore Clearing Color Mask
  2. Innisfree Real Fit Lipstick
  3. Innisfree Double Fit Anti Aging Mask in Brightening
  4. Innisfree Double Fit Anti Aging Mask in Moisturizing


Have not used these four yet but I will!!

wp-1579042388374.jpgwp-1579042388400.jpgwp-1579042388360.jpgwp-MASSIVE Innisfree Haul 2020! hunnyy.jpgwp-1579042388338.jpgwp-1579042388328.jpgwp-1579042388317.jpg

These three sample sizes were gifts with purchase, I got to choose from about 10-12 samples they had (very similar to how Sephora does it when you buy online)


Next are the actual products I paid for. The gift sets were for Drew’s grandmothers so I cannot vouch for how good the products are (but let’s be honest, it’s Innisfree so the products are amazing). Let’s just marvel at the packaging~

wp-1579042388442.jpgwp-1579042388471.jpgMASSIVE Innisfree Haul 2020! hunnyywp-1579042388410.jpgwp-1579042388427.jpg

And these items are for moi~ I love their apple cleansers so I had to get two 🙂

MASSIVE Innisfree Haul 2020! hunnyy

I bought this mostly because I thought it would smell nice

wp-1579042388880.jpgMASSIVE Innisfree Haul 2020! hunnyywp-1579042388858.jpg

MASSIVE Innisfree Haul 2020! hunnyy
Quick swatch of the Wild Berry Lotion!


And that is it folks! So many items but it was exhilarating going through them all! I can’t wait to review these with you!! Stay tuned!

What Innisfree products have you tried? Lemme know in the comments below!
Until next time!




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