::SELFBAN:: No Buy Makeup November + December!

::SELFBAN:: No Buy Makeup November + December!Guys, it’s over! I tried for a whole year not to purchase any beauty products!

Obviously November was a fail because of black friday.. although I only purchased from Innisfree online and half of it wasn’t even for it! It was for Drew’s grandmothers! So only like $30 was for me… still.. I am shame-faced.. lol

As for December I succeeded! No buying!! I was honestly so broke from buying Christmas presents I didn’t have much left for myself so it worked out hahaha

So that was the whole year!! I compiled every post into a page on my blog here for those interested in what each month looked like.. I think I did pretty well overall?

Did you guys enjoy this kind of challenge? Well good news because I’m starting a new one for 2020!!!!

Post link hereeeeeeeeeee! Leggoo!!



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  1. I have to try to do a no buy starting November because I have stumbled and fallen on my face multiple times

    1. haha samee! but just keep very little in your wallet whenever you go shopping LOL

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