::Hunnyy:: Wedding planning update!!

Hi bunnies! Drew and I are getting married next year! We chose to have a long engagement so planning has gone slow and steady. Here is our progress so far!

The items crossed off are done! I have a makeup artist trial in 2 months and later this year we are going to Korea to get the engagement photo shoot done!!

  1. Venue
  2. Makeup Artist Trial
  3. Engagement photo shoot in Korea
  4. Book Photographer
  5. Book Officiant
  6. Book Makeup Artist
  7. Book DJ
  8. Picking Food
  9. Decorator
  10. Drapings/Uplighting
  11. Dress
  12. Tux
  13. Jewelry/Shoes
  14. Finalizing music
  15. Select Hairstyle
  16. Booking Honeymoon
  17. Finalize Guests
  18. Send out Save The Dates
  19. Send out Invitations
  20. Final checks
  21. Bachelor/ette parties
  22. Wedding!

Thankfully I already have someone to do my hair~ I go to a hair stylist regularly and she has gracefully accepted the job! YAY!

I have a huge saga on how I’m doing my engagement photoshoot. Will be making a video soon explaining everything!

Stay tuned!!




  1. Oooh, congratulations on getting engaged!! I have been away too long it seems and I have missed this. Congrats, that is so amazing!! <3

  2. Congrats! A long engagement is the way to go 🙂 very smart!

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