::REVIEW:: MeFactory – Pig Peeling Pads!

PhotoGrid_1504887306296Good morning bunnies! Today’s review is the MeFactory Pig Peeling Pads! My cousin gave this to me as a gift when she visited from Korea! I’d never heard of this product or this brand before so we are once again in uncharted territory! Yay! I love discovering new products!!

Let’s get into the review!


  • 40 grams
  • Suggested use is 1-2 times a week
  • 5 pack retails for about $12.00
  • ::REVIEW:: MeFactory - Pig Peeling Pads!Removes old dead skin cells with one sheet of Piggy Peeling Pad! Gommage type pads removes dead skin cell softly.
    Can be use on the body as well and makes skin soft and smooth.”
  • “Softly rub and massage the entire face with the pure cotton white side by rolling it evenly to soften dry skin. Avoid applying on the eyes and lip area. Softly rub and massage the entire face again with the pink fiber side to remove dead skin and flatten out uneven facial skin. Wash off any residue on your face with warm water and apply toner.
    1.Discontinue use immediately and consult a dermatologist, if you experience the following: 1) Irritation, Red spots, itchy skin or rash 2) Applied skin area has the above reaction from direct sun.
    2.Do not use on irritated skin, cuts, or other infected skin area.
    3. Avoid contact with eyes.”

wp-1580603277613.jpgI wanted to include all the directions because it can be confusing for beginners!


VERY interesting product. I completely didn’t see this product coming. I had it for months before I actually used it and was shocked. I thought it was some sort of tissue for sweat or blotting? Really didn’t think very much about besides there was a pig on the packaging lol.

It’s actually a little glove with the peeling gel inside of it so when you rub your bare face, the dead skin cells come off. And yes, it works. But nothing amazingly note-worthy.

::REVIEW:: MeFactory - Pig Peeling Pads! hunnyy.com
the white side!
pink side

I’ve used the whole pack of four and I’m not a huge advocate of these.. just because I feel like you’re paying more money for the glove. It’s the same exact product as other peeling gels. I don’t need the glove – it gives the impression that you can do it on-the-go in a rush, but it’s such a messy process you do need to do it at your sink. I did it at my vanity one day and…big mess.. its harder to control with the glove too because with the regular gel product, you can take a little at a time and concentrate on areas of your face. With the glove the whole amount is on the glove and is applied to whichever area you touch first with the glove. You see what I mean? I feel like it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

::REVIEW:: MeFactory - Pig Peeling Pads! hunnyy.com

But cute packaging! LOL I had to throw it a bone~ Anyways what do you guys think? Worth it or waste of money?

Lemme know in the comments below!

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