::REVIEW:: Omg! 2-in-1 Detox Bubbling Mask!

::REVIEW:: Omg! 2-in-1 Detox Bubbling Mask!

Hi hi bunnies!

Today I have a 2-part mask that bubbles!! I felt so funny with this mask on LOL This is the Double Dare’s OMG! 2 in 1 Kit Detox Bubbling Microfiber Mask.

Let’s get into the review! This will be one of my HunnyyMask Experience reviews!!


  • Step 1 is Detox Bubbling Mask
  • Step 2 is Microfiber Mask
  • Leave step 1 on for 1-3 minutes then step 2 for 15-20 minutes
  • “OMG” stands for “Optimum Minimizer Grab & Go”
  • $6 for one set
  • “OMG! 2 in 1 Kit Detox Bubbling Microfiber Mask from Double Dare is an effective deep cleansing skin care system with small carbonated bubbles that stimulate and cleanse skin by removing all traces of oil, sebum, and dead skin. Microfiber Mask will feed the skin with various nutrients, hydrolyzed collagen and plant-based stem cells to give your skin a healthier, younger looking glow.”


  1. Is opening the packaging easy? Yes!
  2. Does the mask have a scent/fragrance? Very strong melon smell? I think its melon. Ehh I don’t like it 
  3. Does it have enough essence inside to apply on neck/arms/rest of body? The 2nd mask had enough essence for my neck and arms.
  4. What does the mask feel like? The directions say I  can wear the mask with or without makeup. I’m guessing it erases makeup? Idk, I’m wearing none at the moment.
  5. Does it fit my face well? Yes
  6. Does it stay on well? Yes
  7. Does it sting at all? Neither mask stung.
  8. Overall comfort? Definitely bubbles after a few minutes. Not like pop rocks but more like soda carbonated pops.  I can feel the bubbles expanding lol.
  9. Does my skin feel any different? Lots of bubbles!! Took a pic of all the bubbles! 
  10. How long did I keep the mask on? The first mask I left for 15 min. The 2nd mask.. It’s been 10 min and my face just feels bothered? Suffocated? Getting a bit warm too so I took off. 
  11. How did my skin feel right after? Soft. It’s definitely interesting. The 2nd mask is really strong lemon scent. Almost like a cleaner lemon smell. Very white mask. Feels fine so far.
  12. How did my skin feel the day after? Face feels kind of sticky afterwards. Don’t feel like I need extra cream before bed. Good.
  13. Would I repurchase? Nope, didn’t feel much effectiveness
  14. Do I recommend it? Overall not a bad mask. I’m not sure if I recommend it though


::REVIEW:: Omg! 2-in-1 Detox Bubbling Mask!
Look at all the bubbles!!

Honestly besides the fact that this mask bubbles it’s not memorable.

And I dislike the two part masks… it is so bothersome to even do one mask cause they’re messy, you have to keep them on for like 20 min, you can really lay down comfortably.. but this is two masks?? Bahh!

I’m such a grinchh.

Some people like the extra steps to feel more pampered but not me~PhotoGrid_1572655266727.jpg

And I know absolutely nothing about this brand Double Dare.. what are they known for?

Lemme know in the comments below!

Until next time hunnyyss!!




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