::Kbeauty News:: Missha’s Name Change? NUNC.

::Kbeauty News:: Missha's Name Change? NUNC.I might be late on this news but Missha will be transitioning its retail stores to NUNC (Pronounced Noon-keu). Apparently Nunc in latin means “in this moment” so the change represents that Missha wants to be there for all your beautiful moments~

So basically Missha’s parent company Able C&C has many other cosmetics brand under its umbrella (i.e. MeFactory) so in order to gather all of its brand under one roof, they created NUNC.

Very interesting and honestly they should have done this earlier. It’s like how Aritaum has all its  brands in one store (IOPE, La Neige, Mamonde, Hanyul).

I got this info through the Come Back Home youtube video featuring Missha employees for those who were wondering!!

What do you think of this news? Do you like Missha products?

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