::SH#&!:: Gooddal Vitamin C Product Made My Skin BREAKOUT!

::SH#&!:: Gooddal Vitamin C Product Made My Skin BREAKOUT! hunnyyIt’s official- I’ve officially had a reaction to a skincare product. This almost never happens! Although I do have sensitive skin, I’ve used so many products over the years so my skin has developed a tolerance and I almost never react negatively to a product until now. It was a week of absolute hell.

So I got this product at Club Clio in Myeongdong, they had these sets everywhereeee in the store, I believe it was a gift with purchase. These are also commonly found at Olive Young stores.

I was running out of serums so I started using this a few weeks ago. Mind you, my skincare routine is done at night. I do not apply products on in the morning of afternoon. After about 2 days of usage I started noticing my skin (mainly my cheeks and chin) feeling SOOOO itchy.. Like all day at work I would be spraying face mist so get the irritating feeling to go away for a few seconds. And mist is only temporary relief. I would get off work, go home and shower right away.

At first I thought it was just dry skin, I didn’t put enough moisturizer on the night before. But that wasn’t it because I put on vaseline the next day and I STILL ITCHED. After talking to a coworker she alerted me that it could be an allergic reaction and I should take some benedryl. I did and guess what- the itching went away. I did get a killer headache as a side effect but still! I think this was just one huge allergic reaction that manifested in itching and little tiny bumps on my face. Oh, and a whole bunch of redness all over my face.


Needless to say I stopped using the products as soon as I realized this was the culprit. I ruled out any other cause – I didn’t eat anything unusual, my diet and exercise stayed the same, my existing skincare routine didn’t affect me before or afterwards and my environment also stayed the same. This Gooddal product was the only thing that was new/different.

I do not have any pictures of this because pictures cannot show the sheer itchiness I felt.. sadness..

SCREW YOU GOODDAL. Idk what was in here.. but jeez~!!! Did anyone else have a reaction to this??

Beware this serum set..



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  1. Omg, what a bummer! I wonder what the foul ingredient was that caused the reaction!

  2. Ouch. I also have sensitive skin but am fairly lucky that I haven’t had a bad reaction to a product in quite a while. It’s one of the reasons why I haven’t tried any product with Vitamin C – I’m worried my skin will freak out.

    1. definitely test it out on your arm or neck before your face if you do!

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